Q: Are your chicken “free range”?

Baby chicks begin their lives in a brooder inside, protected from the elements. They are moved out on pasture as soon as they feather out and can withstand the local weather changes outside. (between 3-4 weeks of age)

Q: What is a Mobile Tractor System?

They are large hoop style systems that allow for airflow, sunshine and access to fresh grass. We move them once / day at minimum to ensure they have fresh grass and a clean area to relax.

Q: What do you feed your poultry?

They are fed a custom mixed feed sourced at the Dynamite Mill in Meridian. The feed we use was developed by Jim Zamzow to provide them with optimum nutrition for healthy growth. It provides a very complex balance of minerals and vitamins along with the correct protein %. Our feed protocol includes the following grains; Barley, Corn, Wheat, Organic, Non GMO Soybean, (mechanically extracted w/o use of chemicals) plus alfalfa and fish meal.

All our feed is Non medicated, meat ruminant and bone meal free.

It is important to have this balance in order to prevent common health concerns such as broken bones, weak legs, heart failure and general poor body condition. Our birds are alert, bright and active.

Q: Are you an Organic Operation?

We are not Certified Organic at this time. We follow organic principles and in some aspects exceed organic standards.

Q: What about those Egg Layers? Are they free Range?

Yes, our layer hens have free access to our property here at Little Cow Mountain.

Q: Where do you process your birds?

We process in a local facility under USDA inspection. Birds are Air chilled and flash frozen.

Q: Where else can I find your products?
  • We sell in Caldwell at the Farm to Fork Summer Market on Tuesday nights 5-8 pm April through September.
  • You can visit the farm to purchase products, we ask that you give us a call beforehand to ensure we have what you are searching for and are available.
  • We also sell to Red Fish Lake Lodge through their season. We provide them with all their chicken and some of the beef they use each season.
  • Blue Hen Cooking Club uses our chicken in their cooking classes. They will also be partnering with us to produce a line of chicken stock, bone broths and specialty soups in 2020.
Q: What else do you sell besides chicken?

We raise Aberdeen Angus beef and have been raising cattle for almost 20 years. They are integral to our operation. We sell our beef at the Farm to Fork Caldwell Market and directly off the farm. We sell a limited number of steers as qtr.’s , half’s and wholes. Join our mailing list to stay current on these limited offers.

Q: Do you ship product?

Yes, we can ship to out of area/state customers. Shipping costs can be expensive, however, if you are interested, we can provide you with an estimate. Contact Debra at 208-249-1011 or send an email inquiry to littlecowmountain@gmail.com