It’s 2022 and at Little Cow Mountain we have exciting things planned to celebrate the new year! For over 20 years, Little Cow Mountain customers have enjoyed the Aberdeen Angus beef, poultry meat products, and free-range eggs from our farm in Caldwell, Idaho. 

How to Purchase Little Cow Mountain Products in 2022

Our main goal at Little Cow Mountain is to produce high quality beef for customers as well as create a healthy environment for our poultry broilers to raise chickens, but we also wish to provide an efficient way for our customers to receive our products as well. This is why we are making a few changes to the way our customers purchase our products.  WE ARE MIGRATING TO A NEW ORDER PORTAL.  IT IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  WE HOPE TO HAVE THE NEW STORE LINK AVAILABLE SOON.  WE WILL SEND OUT A NOTICE THROUGH OUR NEWSLETTER WITH THE NEW LINK.  

How to Purchase Little Cow Mountain Beef

This year Little Cow Mountain plans to revamp the way our customers purchase beef. Instead of selling retail beef like we have in the past, we will be switching to a bulk buying service. Our customers will be able to order beef in bulk on a quarterly system and get on a waitlist. 

When to Order

Due to the change in Little Cow Mountain’s purchasing process, our products will be available first come first serve. We are implementing an ordering system made up of halves and quarters for when our customers will be able to buy beef. By signing up for the Little Cow Mountain newsletter, you will be able to receive announcements on when you can pre-order our beef products. This is a great way to make sure your name is on the top of the waitlist for your favorite Little Cow Mountain products.

Buy Our Retail Chicken

Purchasing chicken from Little Cow Mountain will remain retail, but customers will have the option to buy in bulk as well. We encourage customers to buy in bulk because those who pre-order our poultry right after processing will not only have the benefit of receiving high quality Little Cow Mountain products, but they will also have the opportunity to buy with special pricing and discounts too!

This year, Little Cow Mountain will continue to provide different chickens with a variety of cuts to all our wonderful customers. Expect to find us attending the Boise Farmers Market and joining RICO GROUP which is an online order process on Facebook.

Our goal is to eventually switch to bulk sales instead of individual sales in the future. Make sure to be on the watch for an announcement to pre-order your chicken soon and sign up for our newsletter to receive all Little Cow Mountain updates, information, and special deals.

11494 Rio Lobo St, Caldwell, ID 83607