If you are looking for a good place to have fun in Idaho, then you need to check out Indian Creek Plaza. The number of attractions and facilities the place has to offer is incredible. If you ever find yourself looking for fun things to do in Downtown Caldwell, here are some reasons why you should visit Indian Creek Plaza.


Something that brings people coming back to Indian Creek Plaza are the amazing restaurants it has to offer. You can find great restaurants like Hamburger Connection and Mr. V’s Family Restaurant for fantastic family meals. You can also enjoy yourself with your friends by grabbing some drinks and grub Orphan Annie’s Bar & Grill.


This downtown plaza is huge since it is around 57,000 square feet, which makes it great to house tons of events and it throws a lot of them. After they had their first event back on July 10, 2018, the plaza quickly followed it up with a beach party and a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The plaza is home to events that will excite everybody. For instance, they have events featuring wrestling, magic shows, comedy, and much more. It is nearly impossible to ever have a dull moment in this fun plaza. It also has farmer’s markets to help you buy the freshest produce available and look at tons of unique finds you would not be able to find anywhere else.

You do not only have to attend events here – you can have an event at the plaza! It is fantastic, especially if you want to promote a business because of how many people stroll around in the plaza. Plus, you get the option of renting a part of the plaza, or all of it!

Pictured below: Ice Skating at the Indian Creek Plaza

Ice Skaters at Indian Creek Plaza (Caldwell, Idaho)


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Fun Attractions

Other than having loads of restaurants to feast in and fun events to attend, there are tons of amazing attractions that make people make Indian Creek Plaza a regular part of their visit whenever they are in Downtown Caldwell. As you could guess from the name, people can walk the creek and enjoy the sights and gorgeous lights. It is an excellent way to unwind and live in the moment.

Another beautiful attraction that you can enjoy is its huge ice-skating ribbon and rink. Measuring at about 9,500 square feet, it is a great place to skate and have fun. 35,000 people skated in the gorgeous rink in one winter alone.


Are you wondering what to do next time you are in Downtown Caldwell? Wonder no more – you can have an amazing time by heading down to Indian Creek Plaza.


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