There are many reasons for you to support the local egg market and to try to buy organic whenever you can. Sure, you can also choose to buy your eggs from the grocery store at a slightly cheaper price, but why not support local farms here in Boise instead?

Many consumers find the taste of farm-fresh eggs to be superior, and you’ll often hear about those dark orange yolks that just look amazing sunny-side up at your favorite local farm-to-table destination. But those aren’t the only reasons you should consider shopping local. When you buy eggs from local farms, you help small businesses here in Boise, plus many other good reasons to do this too.

Let’s take a look at just a few of these reasons why you should buy fresh eggs from local Boise farmers.

We’ll start off with the idea that chickens live a happier life like these recent additions to our farm pictured below:

Happier hens

Have you seen hens from commercial farms? Whenever you purchase cheap, commercially produced eggs, unfortunately, you support this kind of farming. It is much better to spend a little more and buy fresh eggs from local farms because you know that you’re supporting their good farming practices. Any animal lover should buy eggs from local farms who raise these happier hens on fresh pasture and sunshine.

Healthier hens

Not only are these eggs from happier hens–they are healthier hens as well. Instead of being kept in close captivity, these hens can peck on any organic matter within their grazing area. Their diverse diet has plenty of benefits on their health and the yolk of the eggs they produce. Granting poultry access to natural pasture environments is good for their overall health and well-being.

Healthier yolks

The yolk of the egg is where the proteins and vitamins are concentrated. This is why it is very important that you buy fresh eggs with good yolks. Eggs that you get when you buy from local farmers have the best chances of having those premium yolks you’re looking for. These yolks are deep orange and rich in vitamins and protein compared to the pale yellow yolks of commercial, grocery eggs.


Just how nutritious are they? The American Pastured Poultry Producers Association lists these benefits on their website:

  • 286% more omega 3 fatty acid
  • 13% less saturated fat
  • 73% more vitamin A
  • 200% more vitamin E


The Perfect food?

Eggs are just about the perfect food when they come from healthy and happy chickens. You can be sure to enjoy the benefits of a healthy meal with one or two boiled eggs. The cost of organic eggs when you support local farms and farmers markets in Boise maybe a little more expensive, but the benefits are all worth it.


This contradicts what we’ve discussed so far, unless you take a value approach to your groceries. Food is also an investment. The way you make your food choices determine which health-giving nourishment you put your money into. You can buy cheaper commercial eggs, but are you really getting a good value for the few dollars you save? Instead, you can support local farms and buy pasture-fresh eggs and enjoy the benefits of your premium egg yolks.

They keep better

Commercial eggs are washed so they can look very white and pristine on the shelves. This, however, may make them more susceptible to going bad sooner. Farm fresh eggs have discolorations from their “bloom”, but this also keeps the eggs from going bad. As a result, fresh eggs tend to keep better. Just wash off the bloom before cooking them.

Support small farms

There’s a special kind of feeling you get when you are able to support local farms and farmers markets. You know you’re not just getting great eggs but also helping farmers with good farming practices to survive the competition from big corporations. You are getting eggs that make you healthier, putting more value into what you get for your money, and supporting the local Boise economy. In the same light, you are also ensuring the safety and happiness of egg-producing hens that are raised in these farms more humanely. If you can put your money anywhere, put it to good use so that less animals are treated with cruelty. Thanks for reading and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest.

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